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This incense packet consist of different twelve set of incense namely Vajrayogini Incense for meditation, Kuru Kulie healing incense for relieving stress, Zambala Tibetian Incense for wealth, Padmasambhava Incense for Fulfillment of wish, Spiritual Home Incense for harmony and joy, Kalachakra Incense for healing, Mahakala Incense for positive thought, Sandalwood Incense for the pure scent of  sandal, Tara Incense for healthy living, Milarepa Incense for pure living,  Spiritual Guide Incense for inner growth, Chenrezig Incense for compassion.

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Origin : Nepal

Measurement of packet:

Height : 22 .5 cm. (8.9 inches)

Length : 16 cm (6.3 inches)

Width : 5 cm (2 inches)

Weight : 470 gm

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